Are forum topics being deleted?

I just found out that the topic I started ( doesn't exist any longer.

So, are forum topics/posts being censored? If, that's something I really don't like at all...

I think perhaps so.

It appears to be maybe related to all of bootstud posts, from what I can tell ?

But unless started by that user not sure why the entire threads would need to go ?

Agreed BSS_User looks like bootstud has been blocked (thankfully) but does seem odd that thread instead of just posts have been deleted - maybe it was just easier than search for his toxic posts

Might be that particular thread was mistaken to be spam for other software? They may not have totally read the thread before deleting it if that's the case, as they may have misunderstood the title. I would try reposting something again with it and maybe word the title so that it doesn't have other software in it, and just states it's suggestion based on something else you were using or something?

breathes a sigh of relief to see bootstud gone lol

Unfortunately, some worthwhile informative posts by other users were discarded as well, when that users comments were purged.

I noticedlast days, that an post was missing after editing several times in short times (inside the allowed time frame)

I was lucky and had an backup-copy of my long text, posted it again, with no problems or deleteion - so it could not have been the content of to be rejected as spam.