Article in a lightbox popup


Which possibility is there to open an iFrame text/article in a lightbox popup ?

I like venoBox

Here is an example

Hello and thanks !

Yes, venobox looks good.

I tried to integrate it into BSS, but it does not work yet.

  1. import ccs file - OK
  2. import JS file - OK

venobox.css into the head - OK (Settings-> Head Content)

? Include venobox.min.js into the footer, after the jQuery library ?

Where into the footer in BSS ?

Do I have to install another jQuery library ? where in the BSS ?

Nice Kuli, thanks for sharing that! I have been using a couple soon to be outdated apps for these things as well as slideshows and such that I will be needing to replace if I upgrade my Mac OS. This is one down! Thanks!

@EWB I shared it in the online library, search for venoBox.