Attribute not appearing in HTML code (ondragstart)


I wanted to add an ondragstart attribute to a list element that is supposed to be draggable, however it does not appear in the source code. Even if I convert the li element to plain HTML code, add in ondragstart="dragstartHandler(event);" and hit apply, it does not actually show up in the HTML code.

iirc all "on" events get deleted for "security reasons". Search the forums for 'onclick', it's been discussed a few times in the past.

I see, well this is a major bummer... thank you for that information!

I see, well this is a major bummer…

BSS is built both for real devs and amateurs, so it has many limits. Not supporting external editors like and not even a multi-monitor setup, or blocking 'on' events.

Just voice your suggestions to @martin maybe some of them will get implemented in the future.

This is off topic, but @marrco, does it even even matter if you put @(name) in a forum post? From what I can tell, there's no notification system built into this forum. The @(name) simply seems to be a means of creating a link to a particular user's profile.

you're right Printninja thx!

I don't really use them to connect anything, more for the sake of the person I'm talking to to see that easier in my post :)