attribute updates on accordion/tab manipulations

I've been meaning to post something on this for a while, but didn't have the time to work it out as to what was happening till now. I'm "only assuming" that this may also affect the tabs, haven't time to test that right now, but since they work very similarly it's a good possibility this happens on those too. Here's the issue:

When you have an accordion set up, like I use for Newsletters and bulletins for some churches which work great for that, pretty much every month I need to remove the first Item and add another Item (basically I duplicate the last item) to the bottom, it is updating the attributes for "some" parts but not all. This can get pretty confusing as you've seen with some people asking about tabs and accordions and why they don't work when updated. here's my findings on it:

  1. Make an accordion with 4 items on it.
  2. Make sure all the item numbers are correct in both the URL and the HREF attributes.
  3. Add a new Item to the accordion at the bottom (duplicating the last one works good for this as it automatically sets the item number correctly for both URL and HREF as it should).
  4. Delete the first accordion Item so that it now becomes the first item.

Now when you look at the various attributes you will see that it has updated the Button Options to the correct "URL" for each of the items. (In the Options Panel) But when you look at the Attributes Panel it does "not" update the item numbers for the "HREF" attribute.

So as you can see, it's doing it half way, but if it is doing some, it should do all, or it should do none of them and let us manually do it. I would prefer it did them both of course lol. But when you see it's changed it in the Options panel, many will and do assume it's automatically updating the rest as well.

Hopefully I said that clear enough, if you need more information let me know. Thanks!