Attributes ends up on the wrong component [fixed in 4.5.1]

When having marked a component and changing/adding anything in the ID input box under Attributes, when I then click another component in the HTML code that other component gets the ID not the one I had marked before. When clicking another component in the tree overview the first component gets the right ID but not when clicking in the HTML window. The same applies for Class Names and any key-value attribute.

I do see that this is happening. There used to be an Apply button, I don't know why it was removed. But it you hit the Enter key when your down editing the Attributes, it will initiate the changes to the proper element.

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I do the enter key too or I just click in another box of the attributes and that does the same as the enter key too. Definitely shouldn't do what it's doing though in OP's post. I personally would rather not have the Apply button back. I like the speed it works now with being able to enter things much faster without it.

Thanks for reporting this! We'll investigate the issue.