Hello everyone, I recently bought a bootstrap theme (REEN) and it's not online yet. I have a trouble. When I was using wordpress, I could select like 10 posts on one page, as a max, therefore, when adding a 11th post, it would create another page. How to do something similar with bootstrap?

Thanks a lot guys, I'm new to it !

Bootstrap is a coders tool so you won't have all those things done for you like you do in Wordpress. You will need to code or drag/drop the items into place and set them up yourself. In other words, there's no auto setup of things like this, even though you can get quite a bit of it set up in a component or even find components that will help you set things like this up, you will still have to manually change all the links yourself and the settings of them and so on. Bootstrap Studio doesn't do your setups for you, just makes things easier to do them yourself.

If you're looking for something that is going to do all the work for you, you will need to go back to Wordpress or some other CMS where it does that.

Hello, oooh ok I see, thank you. At least I have my answer :) So after each posts added, I have to change all the links? looks weird.. I must be missing something, but anyway. I'll go back to wordpress for this case :)

Have a good day