Automatic Breakpoint styling?

Hey! Bootstrap studio is awesome but there's something missing.

Sure, manually adding breakpoints is doable, but man can it be frustrating when all I wanna do is throw together a quick prototype without having to add or edit the CSS myself.

When you select each breakpoint and then proceed to style any item, that item's css should be reflected in the stylesheet with an auto-breakpoint.

Sorta like webbflow... Ok not sorta... EXACTLY like webflow.

You guys have been awesome and working tirelessly on this application and I couldn't be more grateful!

Thanks :D

The wf on-liners must have to go down below the lowest breakpoint all the time to set all the global css styles ? Not for me. Global first anywhere and then add a media query if needed. Last time I checked wf doesn't do Bootstrap 4 yet ?

Builders like Webflow and Wix etc. are for amateurs. If you have a single site you need to create and are not in this for the business of creating websites, then those are the types of programs for you. This app is not meant to be a total "WYSIWYG" platform, and as far as I'm aware it has no plans to be. If you need to do things like this, then you need to learn how it's done and do it. I personally do not want my breakpoints "assuming" how I want it coded. I prefer to code them myself so I know exactly what is going into them.

We removed a comment by @booth789 because it was outright hostile. Please let's keep things civil in the forum.

@Jo @Martin

Telling someone to take their elitist attitude and leave and to think critically isn’t hostile and just highlights favoritism towards those that have an absurd community mark. To say my comment was hostile is laughable. Maybe choose another word?

It’s the idea of simplicity that @jo seems to have an issue with, as if change is inherently a bad thing. Notice how he’s the only comment that decides to insinuate an elitist mindset. Cool. I know how to code as well. I just want it easier and more simple with the added option to choose whether or not I want to have it automatically style, or otherwise.

Again, it takes a level of critical thought and selflessness to realize not everyone wants to waste an additional timeset on menial styling parameters; especially with the cookie-cutter approach the team has taken.

Hopefully this doesn’t get removed for being ‘too hostile’.