Automatic Media Queries

I really like Bootstrap Studio, I just bought it recently.

But for a non-coder like me, I would love the addition of not having to manually set media queries in the css. Some applications already makes this easier, when you design in the different views like mobile, ipad and so on (XL, LG, MD etc.) it would be registered automatically, if that makes sense.

Is that not possible to implement?

Thanks :)

I see that you have listed the sizes from largest to smallest, which also gives an indication that you might be very unfamiliar with the environment you are working in.

Bootstrap and Bootstrap Studio take a different approach from adaptive which you seem to be describing. They are also mobile-first.

The sizes you have listed are already available. In BSS you design all the layouts with breakpoint short-codes all at the same time. Please follow the tutorials and you will discover this. Media queries are also available to add to your CSS with a single click.

It's going to take you some time to come up to speed, but the journey is worth it.

If you run into any problems, post in the how-to section and someone will be glad to help you there. Please take the time to try and learn the software before you post.

Also be aware you will need some knowledge of HTML & CSS to use this app. It is not a 100% visual program. Things like media queries will need to be done in the CSS. The program is an awesome tool for those of us that are coders as it saves us a lot of time while still allowing us coding ability to a degree. For all others you will need to learn a bit of coding to use the app to its fullest.

Many people misunderstanding how bootstrap studio is supposed to work with "us" people who work on websites, also in the latest update you can add custom device resolution and if you have selected "sm" in the view panel at the top of your design and you will click "add media queries" in css it will add your currently view as media queries also you won't never have any control of your product/project fully until you're using tools which are supposed to totally automated your work. That's not for what Bootstrap Studio was made and ppl misunderstanding it pretty often, and that's the problem.