Autoprefixer on export

It would be nice to have the option to add prefixes to CSS on export, using Autoprefixer or something similar.


Yep, developers could use what is already made and just maybe run that autoprefixer when exporting a project.

You guys have any update on this? This could be really time-saving for us.

Umm ok I'll bite lol. Why can't you add them PRE export? They work, they will show up (some will show crossed off, but you can ignore that for the most part). I use them all the time in mine so not sure why you are wanting this Post export.

I was wondering this too recently. I know adding support for autoprefixer would be great but honestly to not have control over any additional settings of autoprefixer may force one to do as Jo suggests. My method of madness on a recent design was to forget about css stylesheets and put all css in seperate sections using scss stylesheets. I have the ability now to copy the entire scss style sheets into a editor now like Sublime Text which fully supports autoprefixer and I can customize it to go back in browser version support by altering to configuration settings. If I want to go all the way back to IE6 I can do so. (Not that I would). Simply paste the code back in and hit apply and its fully compiled.

But trying to remember all the prefixes by just writing up the css code in a regular css stylesheet is a lot of extra work. Maybe my work flow is missing something ?

@Jo: By PRE export i suppose you mean hardcode them in BSS. That's not so practical, because it's much slower both when you are creating new rules and when you change the existing ones. Also, I prefer having a "clean" state of CSS before final export for production. @Twinstream: Why not do this after export if you just do it for Autoprefixer? Of course if you prefer writing CSS in an external editor, like sublime, that's another matter, but still all that copy pasting must be slowing you down.

Yes I understand that working the code parts in BSS is slower, but (I'm probably misunderstanding half of this so forgive me if I am lol), you do realize you can just edit your CSS and reimport it without any repercussions right? The only thing you will lose is comments, it won't import comments since we don't have that ability "YET" and I sure hope we will have soon! lol.

Anyways, if I'm still misunderstanding just tell me to shut up hahahaha.

@Jo: Yes, I can export and reimport, but I don't need/want the "autoprefixed" version of my CSS inside BSS. That's why I'm talking about just an export option.

I see, well you could probably make use with an export script for this? Not sure, I don't use them so I don't know much about how they work, but others may have some ideas on what you can do for this if it's possible. I would think it would be.

Sure, a script could do this. But an export option would be nice to have, just to simplify things :)

Sorry for the lack of replies from us on this thread.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of popular tools that people might need to run. As @jo suggested, we have a handy Export Scripts feature, which makes it easy to automate any kind of post processing that you need.

Adding native support for Autoprefixer would mean bumping the app's file size, keeping the library up to date, and updating our code every time it's API changes. It is better to focus on the main feature set instead.

Not to mention that in reality, an "Export Option" would basically be doing the same thing as an "Export Script", just that you'd have a button to hit or checkbox or whatever instead of a script to write/use. Truly the Export Script would actually be much more versatile in that you can customize it any way you want it to be. With an "Option button/box/etc." you'd be locked into however the developers set it up and that's the only function it could do. Just my 10 cents :)

@Martin All your points are valid. I agree that it's better to focus on the main feature set of course, since your resources are limited!

I guess I just realized that if Bootstrap 4 has a standard for browser support and uses autoprefixer to apply the prefixes to meet that standard, I should be using that standard for my css and sass files too.

Seems that at the bare minimum our published or exported css or sass files should be autoprefixed to what Bootstrap 4 is.