Back-end dev with a few questions


Firstly, I absolutely love BSS. Great piece of software, very well designed. My boss introduced me to Webflow the other week, and as great as it looks it's not a patch on BSS. Webflow, like similar platforms, seems to sell users on the idea that they can produce a great site with zero code. Not true. It may be a great tool for static sites or landing pages, but they hide away too much of the code. With BSS, writing code is still integral and at the forefront of the software.

Using BSS, non-coders can get a lot done, sure, but people who are familiar with the technology stack can do accomplish things with it, so I appreciate that.

I work with PHP a lot. What options do I have for wiring up these UI designs with my back-end code. Do I need to do a manual export and then inject the code that way? No big deal if that is the case, BSS is still a great tool that I will use daily for UI work.

Many Thanks,

this is a perennial question on these forums --- indeed on the forums for any builder -- no one program (sfaik) easily provides features for combining the two - as an interim measure do a search here for "php" -- it's mentioned hundreds of times --- then, for comparison, do a search on other "builder" forums -- you won't find any better replies -- some builders have member contributors who have developed, and market, php apps, but specifically for a particular builder -- for example, have a look at Richosoft, for Mobirise and a web editor or two. Mobirise itself doesn't really cater to those with editing skills.

There is an option of having the PHP code in custom blocks, and then having an export script rename the files to PHP when exporting from Bootstrap Studio.

Regards, Michael