Background parallax bug


I have noticed a bug with the parallax-bg option (in the animation tab):

When I activate it the background image is getting stretched much more than is needed for the effect to work. As far as I can see the script enables a css rule for the dynamicaly created background-image div that causes it to be 200% the height of the container.

I'm not sure in what version of BSS this bug appeared, but it exists in the current version (4.1.4)

I'm using this:

Unfortunately there is one downside to it. When using it you have to apply an image using a "data-image-src"-Tag. Unfortunately you can't view the effect in the preview. If you set the path to "/assets/img/myImage.jpg" you can see it in the exported website but not on the live preview. If you set the path to "myImage.jpg" you can see it on the live preview but it in the exported website.

It's a pitty that those "bugs" make using bootstrap studio much harder than necessary.

@ Xenotpro: That's only when you're using a Custom Code block. If you create items using the built in features you won't have those issues. Unfortunately though, that's how things for paths will always be in Custom Code blocks unless they address that and give us a true path experience within the app that mimics the exported setup.

Jo: I'm not using a Custom Code block. All is done just using Divs and Containers.

This issue would be easily fixed if they would just use the /assets/ structure everywhere. They could automatically be placed in the assets folder so you could use the same path everywhere.