beginner needs your advice

Hi, my developper is building small web site for our business : web app to manage Doctor's agendas. The work is baseb on this template :

I want be able to edit my web pages (only design and text content) by my own. I can connect to website ftp account and could edit html pages, i do not want to change coding part, only do some design & editing.

How boostrap studio could help me doing that ? Thanks for any link or tuto.


Hiya kdaffef,

Bootstrap Studio is not a Content Management System so in reality the app itself could not help you do this. The app creates websites that are in code once exported.

Bootstrap Studio "Can" help you with is "ONLY" if your developer uses it to build your website. If they don't use BSS to build your website then BSS cannot help you at all. BSS cannot in practicality and usability import sites and give you great ways to edit it. It just isn't meant for that. It CAN let you edit sites visually and codewise (you would need to know how to do both) as long as the website was created in BSS from the start.

From there as long as you know something about CSS/CSS3 and HTML/HTML5 you should be able to easily edit the website using BSS yourself. This basically means your developer can create the site in BSS, and then hand the file over to you when they are done (be sure to make a backup when you get it!), then you take it from there and do the editing.

Other than that, there's not much else it can help with as it's not a CMS, it's a semi-visual code builder and you would need to know some code in order to really edit your site after it was completed.

Hope that helps!

thank you @Jo for your long comment,

in my case, i want just an utility to edit 3 web pages, so my i import them, and make changes then upload ?. I haven't a big need indeed My dev person uses Codeigniter, i mont skilled enough to play with cms but have basic experience to play with html pages (like dreamweaver), Thank you for helping me.


You cannot import a site into BSS in any real usable form that would be any better than just using apps like Dreamweaver would do. It sounds to me like you should be using a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla which would allow you to make changes without really having to edit the code. A CMS is much more user friendly than this app would be for you. To explain this further. You "Can" import the site into BSS, but the issue is that you would have to edit the code for everything, and you could not use the drag and drop components as they are. To use components you would have to add them and then copy all of the contents, to your actual page(s). It would not be a very practical way to build a site.

No what I would do if I were you is talk to your developer about using BSS to build your site. It is only $25 which is an extremely low price for what this app can do. Then you could do as I outlined in my first post.

If your developer won't use BSS then you will need to use something else like a CMS so you can do edits.

As it sits right now, without doing what I suggest above, BSS will not help you.

Hi there, thank you @Jo for commenting, and i share evrything. Then wll discuss with dev person, i know that the problem is not the price, I'm wondering whether it will be usefull for me or not. Thank you again.

Well, you need a developer that isn't completely dependent on bootstrap, since this appears to use bootstrap, they need to be able to add elements that aren't specifically in the bootstrap system. A well-rounded developer would be your best choice. If you need help, maybe I can see what I can do for you.