Best Practice: Bootstrap Studio and SASS

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to ask you what's your best practice or workflow with Bootstrap Studio and SASS for developing a new website? I’am eager to optimize my workflow especially with SASS.

So far it is the following (mostly):

  1. Bootstrap Studio (Layout Grid and raw Elements)
  2. SASS separate Files, important variables & nesting elements
  3. Custom Changes and fine tuning with atom editor
  4. Clean Up and make it ready for mapping with a CMS

How is your workflow with SASS?

Can you give me some Tips and Tricks to optimize my best practice?

Thanks in advance! - tenzin

Believe the devs are working on this, but are waiting for BS4 to be production ready

Until bootstrap release BS4 this app won't support SASS im afraid. If you do a search this topic has come up many times.

Hi Chris,

Yes, I know that. But I do think most people do some custom styling (detail work) after the use of Bootstrap studio. I add the SASS functionality after I exported the website from Bootstrap Studio.

Like this Playlist:

Build An HTML5 Template With Bootstrap 3 & SASS

I don't customize outside of BSS myself. Not sure if I'm the minority or the majority though. I do know that some people do edit outside of BSS because they need to utilize some PHP, but others have found ways to utilize PHP within BSS as well by using scripts on export and custom code. Just thought I'd chime in and say that it may not be the case that most people customize after exporting. I've found that the capabilities for editing the CSS and creating custom code blocks usually does the trick, and the HTML can be edited fairly well also. Waiting on Sass myself too, although I haven't learned it yet lol, slacking! :P