Best practices for importing existing website

Hi! Newb here, so bear with me.

I'm part of a small startup with a website that makes extensive use of bootstrap. I got this application so I can make higher fidelity mock-ups, and pass off sketched out pages to our dev. I have access to our git repo, so can make whatever use possible of our existing code base and image library.

In an ideal world I'd point this tool at the repo and it would extract a working simulacra of the site that I could tweak on, and there would be a magic button I could push to keep the branch that supports Bootstrap Studio in sync with the master.

I expect we aren't in the ideal world. :-)

What are the best practices for setting up my working environment, and sync'ing it occasionally with the production site? Is that even possible, or should I expect to be manually importing the elements I require?

Hmm. Having read a bit deeper into the forums I'm beginning to think purchasing your tool may have been a mistake.

If I understand correctly, the only use case your tool is designed for is a single person who will do all site development within your tool. Am I missing something?

That's pretty much true yes, and no as well. Depends on how you handle the situation for updating sites. It "can" be done with multiple people, but I don't believe it's the most optimal thing to do and you'd have to be doubly sure that more than one were not working on it at a time.

If you're wanting to just give someone else the ability to update the site once you've created it, that would be easily remedied with the other person purchasing a copy of the app and you would give them the project file.

That's about the best you can do with it so if you're looking for collaborating possibilities, it's pretty limited there.