Blurry imported images still

I know I reported this some time ago, but this is a 100% always now that imported images in the app it show blurry. This is only in the app that it shows blurry, when you look at the preview or the uploaded photo it's fine, but the app just looks blurrier for some reason. It's not affecting the images that I'm aware of, I've checked the browser preview against many of the originals and they are the same, so it's just a visual thing within the app. I know it really doesn't affect anything as far as output, but putting it out there to check on it when other things are done and caught up as it would be nice not to see the blurry images and worry. :)

Can you post a screen capture? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program?

Can you check if images are still blurry when you modify View > UI Scaling?

Yes, still blurry. I have it set at the 100% so nothing "should" be blurrier than the original image actually is I would think?