Bootstrap 4 Bootstrap Studio & HAML + SASS output

Admittedly, I'm new to the forum and haven't had a chance to search around much -- however, my team has just built a product using Bootstrap 4 which has made bootstrap studio a bit out of sync with our process. We're able to use bootstrap studio to prototype (incredibly valuable) in our lean UX environment... but having a bootstrap 4 version of this app would be monumental.

In the event you would like to begin a bootstrap4 version of bootstrap studio, I would be happy to support, test, and be an active user of the system to provide any and all feedback. The component suite is quite similar and much simpler than bootstrap 3 -- I suspect it'd be pretty "straight forward" to begin a conversion. Since we built an entire app out of bootstrap 4 on ruby on rails, I'm very well versed with it's implementation.

On the HAML and SASS front, one way that this app would be unbelievably more powerful (in addition to offering a BS4 version) would be to have an export to HAML (or simply generated in HAML and run on a basic local rails server... like browser stack does through their local pipeline). Right now, when I complete a prototype, I have to go through a rather laborious process of converting the prototype HTML to HAML (I am certainly aware of HTML2HAML converters; however they can be unreliable, particularly when they don't leverage rails helpers like =link_to vs %a, etc).

As with anything that goes with this level of advanced usage, simply tap me and I'd be 100% happy to support, discuss, share feedback and test (and dedicatedly use). At this point, Bootstrap Studio has become my de facto prototyping tool -- allowing me to skip right past wireframing... and put my prototypes right on to my web server for usability testing and stakeholder feedback.


Topic of bootstrap 4 has been covered many times. The BSS devs are working on making it available but won't be until Boostrap release official production ready version.


Thank you for the suggestions, Jonathan!

Bootstrap Studio generates HTML internally, so in order to output HAML we would need to run the code through a HTML2HAML converter, leading to the same issues you alluded to.

Bootstrap 4 support is planned. We are waiting for a more stable release before integrating it. Alpha 3 was released recently, and as I can see from the github repo, there is at least one more alpha planned. How do you deal with breakage between alpha releases in your Bootstrap 4 project?

Hey Martin, Great point about the breakage between releases. I think there's a "at your own risk" element to working with bootstrap4 (which we willingly took on on my team as an opportunity to stress test our component centralization and tempting tools designed to handle this exact kind of situation). My $0.02 is that getting an alpha-version of BS4 bootstrap studio would be a great way to get feedback on component utilization and implementation -- the card is an incredibly complex tool and has a ton of variations and permutations as well as environments (card deck for example)... the more that can be stress tested, the better imho.

I would personally start using it immediately and would be happy to create my component suites and share them via the online sharing feature (as I'm doing currently in the BS3 version of bootstrap studio) so you guys can see how (at least I am) using BS4 components for app design.

I too would love to check it out, I'm not real familiar with Bootstrap 4 which might seem a hindrance to testing, but I've done lots of testing for software over the years and have found that many times the Novice or untrained (in whatever versions or software being used) user can be very helpful in showing the strengths and weaknesses of an app as pertaining to a new user or inexperienced user.

Anyways I think testing is a great idea, but.... and I stress this strongly, I would hope, if you do decide to do this, that it would be a separate app that doesn't interfere with version 3 so we can keep our production setups separate for now. :)