Bootstrap 5 broken links

If you have updated BSS to 5.6.3 and have a bootstrap 5 project do not publish your project with the option use CDN for library.
The links to bootstrap5 CSS and JS are broken. Bootstrap 5 is not currently available on CDNJS.
The last on CDNJS is 5.0.0-beta3

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What can I do If I already published and my navbar is now screwed up?

download 5.6.2

Thank you! unfortunately I can’t open newer versions on this one.

Looks like they have not updated at cdnjs. The official docs link to jsdelivr.

Glad you already caught this. I was just about to post this discovery. One again @kuligaposten does his superhero thing :wink: :man_superhero:

Thank you for reporting this problem! We will fix it in an update later today.

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