Bootstrap breakes when typing in exact vaules

Hey there, I have a weird problem that I can’t fix myself. When trying to change size of anything or position you can typically do that by dragging your mouse up and down after pressing on the arrow thin next to the numbers or by typing in the exact number you want. The second option is not working for me.

I can change the position of anything by dragging my mouse and increasing or decreasing the number by that, but as soon as I type a number in manually it just disappears and doesn’t show up anymore. I then have to reset the whole layout thing to be able to see it again.

Hopefully, somebody can help me with this.

Did you add the unit type after the number? I can’t think of any other thing that would make it do that. Typically if you’re using the Appearance tab to enter values, it already holds the correct value needed for the unit(s), but when you type a number in there, it removes the unit completely because there are multiple units that are acceptable. See if that helps maybe?

And welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thank you! That is exactly what missed. Didn’t know I had to add it. :+1:

No worries, we all been there I’m pretty sure lol.