Bootstrap css override and some issues on imported project

Hello dev guys!

First I'd like to point that you have done a great job doing this ide.

But what spoils the party is that your ide implicitly puts bootstrap.min.css into the project as main and overrides my native css which I import with existing project and messes whole thing up. So if I cd to it and clear it up my site becomes the one. Is there any setting to turn it off? For it looks like that I have to clear it somewhere else before being pushed to prod, which is lousy...

Another thing what bothers me is that live preview in the ide almost does not correspond with the browser preview. Css do not load in full or whatever.

And finally It does not allow me to point and click edit as it is supposed to.

Do these abovementioned issues appear on imported project and imported csv? If so is there anything I could do to walk around all this?

Thanks beforehands. Cheers! :)

In the css section (bottom right of screen) reorder your css so your custom files sit beneath the bootstrap default and then your custom css will overwrite the defaults.

Hello Chris, thanks for reply.

Looks like I can not find default bootstrap css in this section here's screenshot but it still exports to /assets/bootstarp/css weird...

Ok but what about when your design is exported?

I forgot that the default bootstrap files only show after export.