Bootstrap Equal-width Columns

At Bootstrap's site there is this example:

which demonstrates equal width columns. I'd like to use this to create a five-column row; how would I do that in Bootstrap Studio, in a BS4 project?

I'm assuming it's some of the new column attributes and settings, but which?



This is flexbox doing the resizing for you automatically if you don't specify a column size

Just add a "Container" component and put a "ROW" component inside it and then add 5 "COLUMN" components inside the "ROW". Add your content to the columns and then when you resize your browser, flexbox resizes the columns. You don't have to touch any of the column attributes

Thanks for this. I was starting from an existing project, so it had existing settings which were preventing this...starting the row and again and moving all the material solved the problem.

As a side-note: the predefined x Row y Column components don't help very much, as they have pre-set column settings, which interfere in a similar fashion...