Bootstrap settings: Theme is locked

Hi all, new user here, waving and saying hello!

I started using BSS a few days back, and I’m left wondering how to change the Theme on a design.

I see the “Manage themes” button, which brings me to the Themes section of the settings. From there, I imported a CSS from a free BS template, and gave it a name. I saved the settings.

When going back to the Bootstrap settings page, I see that the current theme is locked (the padlock icon). By the way, at some point I know I was able to select different themes with the dropdown, but now it’s locked.

Is that the expected behavior? Am I supposed to be able to change the theme from the Bootstrap settings page? The documentation hints at that, but I just can’t get past the padlock.

Thank you for your suggestions.


I think I may have found an answer to this. Apparently, all the templates bundled with BSS, except for the Blank template, lock the possibility of selecting a different theme from the bootstrap settings page.

Is that the expected behavior, or is there something I’ve missed? I probably don’t fully understand the relation between templates and themes, but it is somewhat puzzling to me that a template would “lock” the color theme. After all, what if I only want to tweak the background color and so on?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Maybe that’s what you posted.

Struggling with the same issue.

Anyone know of a way to ‘unlock’ a theme once a site has been built?

I am relatively inexperienced, have built my site, and am now polishing off some speed optimizations. I have been struggling to eliminate some render blocking css - bootstrap.min.css and a few others that I believe are part of the introductory theme I chose when I started.

I have concatenated and ‘cleansed’ my various css files (including bootstrap.min.css) and was hoping to use the merged css file as a new theme to replace the default bootstrap.min.css file (as per suggestions like this).

But I have hit a dead end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Exporta ele e reimporta o bootstrap.css.min como tema do site, importe os arquivos js e os demais css

I have been struggeling with the same issue.

Am I getting this right that you can import a css to use it for the theme? But that there is no color editor in BSS? I.e. something where I can choose main color, main selection and stuff like that in order to simply change the colors? So an external css editor needs to be used to change that, right?

My second issue is that even if I import a css, my SB Admin theme is still locked.

Would be great to get some help.

Thank you

@moovida , correct you can import CSS to use for your theme. There is a color editor in the program, but it is for individual elements not for the overall theme. Speaking for myself, and perhaps a few others, Visual Studio Code would be an excellent editor to use.

For your second issue the theme would be locked. I haven’t used this template (yet), but I guess you could use it as a baseline design (copy and paste it into a new design) that is more accepting of your changes (being able to accept changes). It appears to be only five pages so it leads me to believe it is very doable if there are things in the design that you like.

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The new theme editor can be found on the Appearance tab. Scroll almost to the bottom and you’ll see where you can alter some of the default theme colors, font size and weight. Hope that helps some at least :slight_smile:

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I noticed that one only recently, and that is exactly what a css ignorant like me is wishing for.

But I then tried to change something like “background” assuming it would override what necessary, but nothing changed :slight_smile: I assume I am making things too simple. :sweat_smile:

Yeah it’s a bit strange when first looked at, but if you want to change the default colors for the site in general, click on your HTML component at the top of your Overview pane and then change the colors with the new theme colors setup. I’m “pretty sure” that will change those colors for your whole site.

BUT … do be aware that if you have specific colors set up in some CSS that you overrode the original colors on, you’ll need to remove those for the colors to show up properly.

Now I’m guessing at most of this after playing around with it for about 10 minutes. I did notice that if you don’t select the HTML component and it’s on another component, it overrides only that component so be careful what you’re clicking on to change them. Gives you the ability to overwrite single component colors this way too which is kind of cool. Play around with it and see how it works, it’s not real hard once you get the hang of what it’s doing.

The big thing is to watch where the code is going. If you leave it as Style Attributes in that dropdown it puts it into the HTML as inline code which you probably don’t want to do with a bunch of colors lol. Better to create a new Style Sheet and let them go in there till you figure out how it all works. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jo-r , I will definitley play around and see if I get a feeling for it.