Bootstrap Studio 2.5 new features ?


I would like to know what new features has Bootstrap Studio 2.5 ? I didn't find any article about this topic.


v2.5 hasn't been released yet

I know. For this reason I"m asking.

This all there is:

Version 2.5 will be the next release. It should be out around December 16th.

Originally it said the 9th, then the 16th, will it change again? ;-)

Nothing about features however for 2.5, I know the "More beautiful built-in components, and hopefully new templates." never made it past the original ones included with 2.4.0

What will 2.5 bring, good question, as well as when. ;-)

And now we have this by @martin the other day. So perhaps soon we will know and see more. ;-)

version 2.5 which should be out very soon (December 20, 2016)

Version 2.5.0 is out! You can see what's new here -