Bootstrap Studio 4: Dropdown not working properly

Recently, I have upgraded to BSS version 4. I find that Dropdown is not working. I create an empty design, drag and drop 'Dropdown' doesn't work. Right click and try to insert Dropdown into div doesn't work. Right click and try to insert Dropdown into nav doesn't work.

Help on the matter, please!


Thanks for reporting this! This bug was fixed in 4.0.1. Can you try if it works for you after upgrading?

Hi Martin,

Dropdown inserting is fixed in Bootstrap Studio 4.0.1 for Windows 7 Professional 64-bits OS. Howeve, after inserting, I see no apparent way to edit the text in-between the a tag. Example:

<ul role="menu" class="dropdown-menu"> <li role="presentation">First Item <li role="presentation">Second Item <li role="presentation">Third Item

I can edit url part under LINK OPTIONS, but still cannot easily edit the text part for the sub-menu items. I then find out that I can do EDIT under MENU ITEM, which is good. However, I am working with ZH_TW Chinese IME which BSS does not allow me to directly insert the multi-byte character(s). I workaround by Copy-&-Pasting at the moment.

Please help on this, and also let me know if I can help with multi-byte part.

Regards, --Jemmy