Bootstrap Studio 5.0.0 and SCSS [fixed in 5.0.1]


I have just updated to Bootstrap Studio 5.0.0 and previously had worked with SCSS on a website using the separately-downloaded SCSS utility. When I open my website I am getting the following error message:

SCSS error

The SASS editor appears and seems to be functional, but none of my styling is appearing in my Styles tab; just the Bootstrap styles are being applied:

Bootstrap Styles only

Is there any settings I need to change to fix this functionality?



Sorry that you've run into problems! Can you email us the sass file (or the entire bsdesign) that's throwing this error?

Hi Martin,

I can recreate this issue by creating a brand new (Blank) project and selecting Create SCSS:

Create SCSS

SCSS Error

Therefore I don't think the error is occurring because of a bad SCSS file. I also deleted the previous utility off my computer on the off-chance the settings were somehow saved in Bootstrap Studio through versions, but that did not make a difference.

Thank you for the screenshot! We managed to reproduce the issue. We will fix it as soon as possible. For the moment the only workaround is to compile SASS externally or to install Bootstrap Studio 4.

Hey Martin,

That's great to hear! Glad I could help QA a bit and quickly resolve an issue on a new feature. Please let me know when a fix is pushed out, and I will download and run through various steps to see if it's fully functional.



We just released Bootstrap Studio 5.0.1 which should fix this bug.

Sure did! Looks like everything is working great now.

Thanks for the fast turnaround.


I try version 5.0.2 for Linux distribution. I also got issue as same as @erikthejohn.