Bootstrap Studio as default app

i got BS because I read that I can edit .scss files by clicking on them and they come up in the editor. This does not work. .scss files do not show up in the list of file types to associate and if I try to find BS it is no where to by found among all the other programs.

Where is it?

Bootstrap Studio can’t open standalone SCSS files, they can only be imported as part of a design. This means that an association with scss files won’t work well.

You will need to create a new design or open an existing one, and then you can import your SCSS file in order to edit it.

I did that, then ‘exported’ the file(s) and ended up with a ‘styles.compiled’ css file and a ‘styles.css’ file with 0 bytes and no new .scss file.

What do I copy to the css directory to get the website to work correctly?

If you wish to obtain the scss files, you can enable the “Export SASS” option in Settings > Export.

So, that worked. Thanks.

But when I copied the .scss file to the web directory, the styling still did not change. Is that the only file I need? Sorry if these are more basic sass questions instead of related to your program. I’m still learning.

SASS is not understood by browsers, so it needs to be compiled to CSS first. The app already does this when you export (this is what the styles.compiled.css file is). Uploading the files that Bootstrap Studio generates during export is enough for your site to show up in the browser.

You can find good beginners’ guides to SASS on YouTube that I think will give you a better idea of how it all works.