Bootstrap studio backlog

Hi devs

Not an idea as such but a request for knowledge to better understand what is on your backlog left to deliver in 2018, and I was wondering if you were thinking of sharing 2019 plans to wet the communitys beaks and see what’s coming for the new year.

That is all ?

Thank you for starting this thread, Chris! Today marks the release of 4.3.7 with the long awaited auto backup feature and some usability improvements. Until the end of the year, we will try to finish the remaining features in the 4.3.* series.

For 2019 we want to add more components, templates and power user features (like a command palette, search/replace, improved code editing and more). We will also listen to the community and the great ideas that you guys suggest.

Great stuff Martin

I would also love to see what your 2019 roadmap but will wait for you and the other devs to comment in the roadmap section.