Bootstrap Studio & CMS

Hello all!

I'm brand new to BSS. I'm really excited about diving into this program. I'm looking trying to figure out the best way to build a website in BSS and integrate some sort of CMS into the design. I'm currently looking e107 ( but I'm open to some other CMS.

I've seen some people mention in passing being able to design the site in bootstrap and using CMS as well. Like I said I'm a newbie to this but I want to try and learn how to integrate CMS into the BSS design. I'm trying to create a news site with multiple writers, sections, and articles. I need to be able to design it but I also need to have a robust CMS to handle all the articles.

Are there any tutorials on how to create this or can anyone point me to the right CMS to do this with?

I appreciate everyone's help.

I used BSS to prototype and create a grav template for a customer. But you need to invest your time studying a CMS docs and template creation system first. And templating is a time consuming manual process that involves quite a few skills.

With all the work involved in trying to do what you're doing (most people that do simple CMS stuff is so a client can update areas more easily) you may be better off using a CMS system that's already got all the features you need such as Joomla or Wordpres etc. Just a thought. :)