Bootstrap Studio is NOT Applying CSS to Classes!

This a pretty serious issue. Bootstrap is no applying classes correctly. It applies to some but I've just created a div on my site to experiment with this issue. I then export it and view the page in the inspect editor. I can see the class name being applied...but the actual CSS for that class is missing from the inspect editor!

This is pretty serious as the program is useless to me now!

Please fix this issue ASAP

Thanks, Liam

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I discovered the issue with this. I created a new style sheet for my CSS and now it's applying the styles correctly. It's still an issue that needs to be rectified! As I shouldn't have to create a new style sheet for this!

Actually you have a new style sheet already in your files when you start a new project. It's called styles.css and that's where the app will put all of your custom styles unless you tell it differently (or if you add new css files and don't tell it at each session lol). So to clarify, yes, you actually do have to use one, but you shouldn't have to create another one. Can you share your project? I'm actually curious to see what the deal is myself too. Are you on Windows or Mac (don't shoot me, I never remember that stuff, I'm old! LOL)

Also check your export settings and make sure nothing is turned off that may be causing it. There's some definite issues in there with images and that could also be in CSS too for all I know.

Check also that you didn't have the CDN setup turned on for your CSS as that might be a possibility as well as to why a class wasn't there. Just trying to come up with some suggestions here, no clue what would do that otherwise. Have only recently had that issue with images that are in some custom setups and js setups that aren't being exported so I had to turn on the export all thing again sighs, I was just getting used to not having those huge uploads or exports lol.

No, maybe I didn't explain correctly what is happening. I'm creating CSS in the style sheet provided. However BootstrapStudio is not applying the styles to the elements. So I created a "New Style Sheet" outside of the one that is provided. It then applied the styles correctly. Today however, it's not applying the styles again...

Oh by the way I'm on Windows!

and yes I agree you shouldn't have to create a new style sheet...this is my entire point. However, now it's not accepting the new style sheet's CSS!

Did you check the file order to make sure your custom file is the last one in the list? Right click over your Styles section and choose the Include Order selection. Make sure your custom file is at the bottom on there. Let us know if it is or if that was the issue.

Another thing is make sure your custom CSS is going to the right file. That also will mess you up. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine that we have to constantly make sure custom CSS goes to our Custom CSS file by selecting that file in the dropdown. Once you do that it will always go there until either you close the project or you change it in the dropdown (resets the session and you have to do it again). Can't tell you how many classes I've had to move from other files into my Custom file till I realized what was going on lol.

I am having the same problem with the latest version of Bootstrap studio. I add a style, like bground color, etc to a column that has got an ID, it shows up in the design mode as soon as I make the change but no changes show up in the Browser ( Firefox) . this is the code

border: 1px solid gray; background-color: red;

In the Firefox Web Console Inspector the ID shows but not the changes I made to it. Checked in IE, same problem. Must be something really simple, but I cannot figure it out. Using win8 64bit.