Bootstrap Studio Sites - Limit

Hello, I would like to know if with Bootstrap Studio Sites I have limited custom domains that I can add and also if there is a limit on the number of sites I can host?

I ask because I work with website creation and could offer my clients to keep the sites hosted on BSS Sites.

There is a 5 website limit per license (with or without a custom domain). Standard licenses can use the hosting service while they receive updates (1 year if not renewed), and Lifetime - without limits. We don’t impose bandwidth caps at this time.

Transferring the published website to a client is not really possible - the website remains part of your license and only you can publish to it. If you wish your client to manage their website independently, you will need to export the design as an HTML website and host it on a regular hosting provider that they have access to.

You can read our License Agreement for more on Bootstrap Studio Sites - Bootstrap Studio License