Bootstrapstudio 2.3.0 on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) [fixed in 2.3.3]

My software upgraded automatically. Although I can see the Online components library and have few other expected features, both "Folder support for the Design" panel and "Displaying id attributes next to components in the overview" are missing.

It's either a bug or I'm not able to make 'em work.

Folder support: Right klick on a component in the components list then choose "Move to" > "New Folder".

Displaying id attributes: Same to me. Don't know how to enable it.

Online sharing was delivered in latest release

But managing folders in design panel for pages / CSS and js will come next week

Same for display attributes in overview panel, Martin posted an update in the roadmap section

All of these are available in the latest version - 2.3.3 - which was released today. Looking forward to your input :)

Just upgraded. Everything is there and seems to work great. Thank you!

am a student, may i get one free version of bootstrap studio. this would be helpful for my project.

thanks and regards, vimal

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