Breaks added via Shift+Enter stuck (Mac)

In other words, they cannot "all" be removed. Seems you can remove them if you have them between lines of text such as adding them to a Heading or Paragraph, but if you add them to the end, it leaves one in there no matter what you do.

Cannot copy the text over to a new component as it seems to copy the line break with it no matter what. You end up having to make a new component and retype it all by hand to fix this.

I can confirm this problem. Unfortunately it appears that there is no easy fix, because it is a contenteditable quirk (the browser technology we use to make elements editable). A workaround is to drop a new component at the end from the overview panel, and then delete both that new component and the br with backspace. We'll look into developing a proper fix in our next updates.

Sure hope this is fixable as it's really a pain in the butt. Having to constantly replace something if you change your mind about how you set up a layout is definitely not productive at all. We have to not only replace the element, have to transfer all the classes and id's etc and any special settings that may have been applied inline (not usually my practice, but some do it more than myself I'm sure). That's a lot of redoing to fix an extra break we can't get rid of. crosses fingers you find a fix for it soon

After all. It did not do this before this update. That has to say something I would think?