Browser demo add/plus blue button

Hi, This might be a stupid question but I expected to have the same blue add/plus button in bootstrap studio as one can see in the browser demo. Why isn't it there?

The blue add/plus button is only found in the templates. Its used to add different sections.

All those things that are present when you click the blue button are now found in the list of components (Studio tab, upper left side of screen) in the actual program.)

I'm not sure they are the same thing. If we take for example the options in "headers" are not the same as the ones displayed in "headers and footers" in the blue button. Plus, in the demo you can see both, the button and the studio tab.

I cannot find it in templates either. As you can see here this is what I see when I open a template in BS.

Well that template does not have any options to set so there will be no optional "plus" button. A star under a template you select indicates it will have options.

Thanks! That checks outs. I can see the button now.