Browser Preview loads forever (Mac Version) [fixed in 5.0.3]

Have restartee the app to make sure it wasn't just an update glitch, but still when I turn on the browser preview it opens my browser and loads the page forever. Sometimes I get it to actually load the page, and sometimes it just won't.

Does this happen with other browsers you have installed? Is it fixed by switching to a different page/design?

Happens in both Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Changing pages or projects doesn't fix it. I can "sometimes" hit the stop button on the loader and hit the refresh and it will finish loading, but it's pretty random. Can't find anything that might be causing it.

This is also both version 3 and 4 of Bootstrap since I have some clients on 3 yet. Not sure if that matters, but just in case it did.

We aren't able to reproduce this. A few questions that might narrow down what's causing it:

  • Does it happen with every design or a specific one? Does it happen with the blank design?
  • Can you try if it happens when opening the preview on a different ip address? Normally there are at least two - and one starting with 192.168..
  • Are you running some kind of firewall or antivirus that might be filtering traffic between Bootstrap Studio and your browser?

Ok I went through a handful of my projects to see what was happening and I "think" I've narrowed down what is causing it, sort of. This isn't happening on "every" page of a site, only the pages that I have galleries on (usually external scripts). These usually are referencing files and images that are totally outside of the app so it cannot load them at all, but usually it just loads what it can and uses blank boxes or image placeholders to display on the page (not in gallery form either), but it usually will finish loading where I can at least check everything else. I haven't had it react this way to any of my sites with gallery pages on them before, it's always "sort of" loaded them even if it wasn't the correct visual setup.

Hope that helps. If you need a copy of a project just let me know and I'll send one to you to test. I use WoW Slider for galleries usually, because ... I'm used to it and don't want to work out a new one lol. Simple to set up and such. Could be conflicts of files maybe? Not sure.

You can see one of them on this page if you view the code:

We've figured out the source of this issue. It will be fixed in our next release. Thank you for reporting and doing your research, too!

Thanks, so glad to hear that! :)

This should be fixed in Bootstrap Studio 5.0.3 which was just released.