.bsdesign from html/assets

Is there any way to re-create a .bsdesign file from the html/assets from a BSS exported website? I accidentally deleted the original .bsdesign file when switching OSes.

Thank you

Try this, maybe it can help you.

You will have to import any JavaScript and CSS files into the new bsdesign file

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Sadly, my backup existed on Windows 10. I’m not using Linux as my main OS and am now running BSS in a Windows 10 VM.

I did manage to find this in my searching, but it only goes up to BSS 5 and the latest is 6.X, no?

The latest BSS is 6 but that the 5 on the website refers to the version of bootstrap.

You will need to look at the bootstrap.min.css file in your original site to see what version you used

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Thanks, I will give this a shot then :slight_smile:

Is your website still live and accessible on the internet?

Yep, I have access to all the files. Just not the .bsdesign file

Can you post the URL so we can look at the site? I’m curious as to how complex it is.