BSS 4.0.3 - Unable to edit items created that are copied and linked.

Came across this today as i "copy and linked" a menu across a few pages. Once added to the other pages the items inside the navbar would not select when clicked for editing. The footer that i linked across the same pages would not select for editing also.

Saving the project, closing BSS 4 and opening it again in BSS allows myself to now edit links and text associated with the linked items from the main index page.

Bug? But works on reopening project is not ideal till fixed.

Thanks Craig....

I am unable to reproduce this issue. I created a project drag/drop in a Navbar then edited a nav link. I then created a new page and then copy/pasted link to the new page the Navbar. I have been able to edit on both the initial page and the newly created page the nav links and drag/drop in a dropdown with full functionality and also did the same with the Footer Clean with no issue.