BSS 5.5.2 Mac Version: Left Click menu anomaly

Something is definitely screwy with the left click menu when clicking over the little dots to the right of some CSS styles to do anything like Duplicate or delete or whatever. When I first start the app it works fine, but in a little while (not long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes or less) it then only gives me the Copy To option, animated image below:

CleanShot 2021-02-17 at 15.24.19

Things I’ve tried to correct it:

  • resize window
  • resize various panels
  • scroll up and down the list of styles
  • click somewhere else in the visual window
  • click something else in the HTML pane (this works sporadically, but only for a few seconds or so)
  • closing and reopening the HTML/Styles pane
  • choose something else in the Overview pane (this works sporadically, but only for a few seconds or so)
  • close and reopen the project
  • close and reopen the app (this is the only thing that works for a little longer)

After doing all that, it seems to randomly show the correct popup dialog. Even with some of the above things tried it will show up for those once in a while too, and sometimes then will only work on one class and not the others above or below it. Very strange little anomaly, but definitely holding back my work flow so hopefully this helps to get it fixed quickly.

I currently have BSS 5.5.1 open, and got the message that 5.5.2 will be installed on the next restart, so now I’m terrified of shutting down the program because I don’t want it to update to this buggy version. In the past, with 4.x, I always waited a week or so after a new release before I installed their latest updates because there would inevitably be bugs that needed fixing.

I think the devs (:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: @martin) should reconsider the program’s auto-upgrade feature, and further consider creating a repository with all the older versions of BSS, so users are free to downgrade to any older version in the event new updates have serious bugs.

As a business that relies on this software to be working 100% correctly every day, I can’t afford to have a buggy version auto-installed, and then not be able to get an urgent update, etc… done.

This has always been the case for locked Bootstrap blocks - they can only be copied to your stylesheet, no modifications are possible.

You can switch off automatic updates in the Settings. The app will then only notify you if/when an update is available. We have all our old releases on our download page, so you can install old versions if you need them. Just make sure not to save a design in a newer release - older versions may not be able to open it.

Okay, I searched the BSS website high and low, tried Google, and I simply could not find the link to this page anywhere…

I guess I should have just searched the forums, because that’s where I eventually found it (it’s now bookmarked.) Then I thought about it and dug back into my original purchase confirmation email from 2018 and noticed that the link to the page was also there, so my bad for not thinking of these other ways to find it. But perhaps there should be something a bit more obvious maybe within one of the program menus, or a link on the website itself?

I was unaware that the program had the ability to disable auto-updates (which I have now done.) I thought it was built-in as of version 5.x. Thank you for that info @martin!

I suspect that since the 5.5.2 version has already been downloaded to my machine, it may try to install when I restart, so if this happens, I assume I would just uninstall the program, and then reinstall 5.5.1 from the downloads page if I need to?

I note in your video that it appears you’re clicking on the the base bootstrap styles (I see the little lock icon and the word “Bootstrap”.)

All those other options you mentioned only show up when you’re editing CSS on your user stylesheets.

I believe the general reason for this is that there is no downloadable trial only the online version. So that download link is typically only exposed by the developers to people whom have purchased the app. Like you have mentioned via the purchase information, which may help towards some willfully trying to pilfer the app in a small way.

OMG haha you know what’s really funny about that, first I didn’t even notice I was clicking on locked items, but funnier is that in all the time I’ve used this app, what 2 years plus now? I have never seen this happen before lol. That’s why it boggled me, but thanks much for the heads up there and it makes total sense now lol.

I considered that, and I guess maybe it helps :man_shrugging:, but since the link is posted numerous times in the forums, and the forums are searchable by non-BSS owners, it’s already “out there.” (my sleep-deprived brain just didn’t think to search the forums last night, even though I had some vague visual memory of having seen the page with all the older versions at some point in time.)

In theory, a casual user who gets that link and downloads a BSS installation file isn’t going to be able to run the program without a serial number, and a hacker skilled enough to reverse engineer the code to create a serialz generator, or who simply finds a number on a serialz site, would have little trouble finding versions of this program online. There are damn few programs in existence that haven’t ended up on shady warez sites, or in torrents.

I think the simplest solution is to add a link in help menu of the program to the version repository page. Once someone has the program, having the location to the page with all the previous versions is just convenient. If someone acquired the program without purchasing it, I can’t see how having that link would cause further damage.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Clearly, last night, both you and I were suffering… senior moments? Brain farts? Sleep deprivation? Burn-out?

Last week I built what I feel is, to this date, the most complex website I’ve ever built, and it was a massive undertaking… 5 weeks of 6-7 hour days, Mon-thru-Sun, buried in the software, and another 1-2 hrs every other day on the phone with the client, plus doing all my regular maintenance work/running the business.

When I finally published the thing last Friday night, I told the client I’m going “off grid” for the next 24 hours, and I literally slept for about 40 out of 48 hours that weekend. I haven’t done crazy projects (or slept like that) since the mid-2000s.

Well I’ll be curious to hear the developers (@martin) response since they’ve never offered it as a public facing link through the website to my knowledge. It will be interesting to see how they may consider addressing your input.

I don’t think a public facing link is needed, or even prudent. Simply a link in the program’s help menu to the download repository would make sense.

The download page is not secret, but we don’t publish it on the site because most of the time people who are looking for it are actually missing their license key. If we tell them to recover their key first, this saves them another trip to the FAQ later when they realize they don’t have it (the license key email contains the download link).

Thanks for responding martin.