BSS 5 visibility controls

Hi, new user here, so please be gentle as I haven’t touched web design for a few years!

I downloaded BSS a couple of days ago and have put together a nice site using the Clean Sky template.

My question is, on the Services page I would like to hide the photos on XS screen size (phones), but have them visible on all larger screens.

Is this possible?

Also, is there any way to edit the HTML code in BSS, or do I need an external editor and how would I bring the altered code back in to BSS?

Thanks for any help and guidance,

In your options tab scroll down to responsive display, then change your display settings for the object as required.


Richard, thank you! I simply had not realised there was an arrow to expand the ‘Display’ option. Phew!

Thanks again, Tom.

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There are a lot of posts on the issue with importing html so a search. Might be a good way to start on that.