BSS Accordian and PDF Document Links Issue

I've only been using BSS for about a month now. Over all I'm happy with it. Admittedly, I'm not an accomplished we developer, but rather a hobbyist that develops low tech pages for a motorcycle chapter I belong to. Part of that consists in making available to chapter members documents such as newsletters, treasurer reports and other docs in PDF format.

On my "Members Page" I am using an accordion to separate certain data. One of the accordion sections is where I want to house my document description and PDF file link.

I'm using a two column table with the accordion section. Column 1 is the description and column 2 is where I want to place the button/link to the appropriate PDF file. I have my PDF's contained under my "Asset" folder in a new folder called "forms". I've tried to use a button and also the Link options. Neither will allow me to create the link to a PDF file in its current location. I can only link to other pages.

Has anyone had this issue by chance? I would think one would be able to create a link that would open a document in a "new" window for a user to view. I'm looking for a work around that perhaps some of the more experienced BSS developers may have identified. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Firstly, I wouldn't add your PDF folder to the assets folder of your project (externally I'm assuming since you can't import PDF files at this time). This could lead to the possibility of accidentally deleting them when you update your site since there is no PDF downloads folder in the exported files. I would suggest just making a downloads or pdf-files (whatever name you want to use) folder in the root of your site directory so it's at the same level as your assets folder is.

Now you can use the root directory as the base of your link

As for the link, drag the link into the cell in the 2nd column of your table on the visual preview. You can also drag it into the Overview pane into the location of the Table Cell as well, either way works.

Now you set your link up in the Options pane (Gear section) where you have the URL as the very top item in the options. You can put any link you want there, I would suggest using it as above. That's all there is to it for links and PDF's.