BSS and Mobirise

I am starting to use these editors. I usually use Dreamweaver for this kind of project but I decided to renew myself :)

Actually i did not create the post to compare these two programs to know what's the better one. I think is not very polite to do this directly in the companies forum. Moreover its not much reliable since the users usually defends their preferred program. I just need to know what I cannot do in BSS that I can do in Mobirise and what I cannot do in Mobirise that I can do in BSS. I also wonder what are the main differences between these two programs. I believe that knowing this, technically speaking, I can presume that everything else I can do in both programs.

Thanks in advance

One of the biggest differences is that with BSS you don't get charged for every little plugin/extension/component like you do in Mobirise. Mobirise offers a lot of paid additions to their app which can nickel and dime you to death. With BSS you get the whole thing for one price and the ability to share and use components that you or others make. The price is cheap enough for BSS (even without the current discount bringing it down to $25) so that one of the most major things missing from Mobirise, being a code editor by default, costs you just about $70 just for that extension to the app. This is built into BSS in a way that although it's not a direct editing of the HTML, you still have full control over it through various areas of the app. This is not the case with Mobirise which limits you to visual editing unless you spend the extra money for the code editor extension.

I haven't played a lot with Mobirise, but from what I saw it was very limiting in features unless you used their prebuilt setups. Very limited in the things you could edit with them (headers being one of the biggest pains to work with), and to me that alone makes BSS a much better app all around.

Just my opinion of course, but it's not biased at all, only going by what I've checked out myself, and I also come from a Dreamweaver (coder not visual) background.

BSS isn't super intuitive on some things, but the help here on the forums and the help tutorials make up for that a lot. Once you get the hang of how things work, you'll see just how much more powerful it is than Mobirise.

Hey Jo,

Thanks for answering. You clarified a lot of doubts that I had.

I am trying BBS right now (in fact, both editors) and I am really enjoying BBS. As you said, BBS it's not so intuitive, but it's not so hard to understand. I like to edit some CCS, and the HTML. I don't know much about javascript, but I can try to understand it better with the BBS's help. The preview mode is so cool: I just need to save my work to refresh the website. The only things that I am missing until now are:

  • more themes (I need to buy new themes or I can have access to the free themes and upload them?)

  • the animations (I still don't know how to animate the elements on the page)

There aren't really a lot of themes yet for BSS, I am hoping the future will provide some more of those as well. Also I'm thinking that once everyone has Bootstrap 4 underway we may see some shared themes in the Components section, at least I hope so.

I haven't messed around with animations much myself either, but there are some built in components that have them set up as well as the ability to set animation settings in the Options pane on several of the components. I would say play with them and check them out and see how it all works. I've not needed to use much of them as of yet, but I'm sure that will be coming too. Most of my clients have wanted basic setups with a side bar and not a lot of frills (bummer for me lol) so I haven't had a chance to really play with them much yet, but I will!