BSS & Non BSS Components

Hi out there,

I'm new to BSS and have downloaded a few components. I have seen a few people get quite angry about non BSS components being available. While I understand their frustration I like being able to access non BSS components. It would be good to have a separate folder to put these into and maybe have them state that they are "Custom Code" at the time of publishing.

This is just a lack of consideration on the part of the people who are making the components. There is a place where you can write a description about the component when you upload it. All the components I've made are fully Bootstrap editable, (though some use custom CSS, none use custom code.) I always write in the description how my component is used.

Hi Printninja,

yep I'd have to agree, this will always happen I would say. My comment was more about separating the components out a bit more, to keep everyone happy(probably an oxymoron right there) I come from a Dreamweaver background(hand coder now) so a bit of manipulation I'm not opposed to. I have noticed your Gravatar quite a bit in the last few days. I appreciate the time people take to offer their products, I hope I use BSS enough in the future to do the same.