BSS Website WordWrap

A pointer to the problem. Perhaps the break-all needs to be disabled.? Unless the preferred way is the current setting, then no changes needed.

/*media screen*/

<h1>bbpress-forums div.bbp-forum-content, #bbpress-forums div.bbp-topic-content, #bbpress-forums div.bbp-reply-content {</h1>

margin-left: 130px;
padding: 12px 12px 12px 20px;
text-align: left;
word-wrap: break-word;
word-break: break-all;
word-break: break-word;


Sorry has the above post confused people?

Does it need further details.?


Sorry, I won't even pretend to know what you're talking about lol. You're posting code that's going to a forum, and that's beyond the scope of what this app is "usually" used for so I have no clue on what it will do there. You probably have a lot of other CSS that is affecting the layout besides what you're using from BSS. Provided what I'm seeing is what I think I see lol.

I've no issues with wordwrap at all in or out of the app now that they just added it to the app for the code windows. Outside the app I've never had it do word wrapping in any strange ways other than to wrap it for responsiveness so I've no clue what you're talking about.

Hi Jo,

I was commenting on the Word Wrap on THIS forum. I did a search and found no other threads.

On my browser this forum does not wrap complete words.

But like I said, if this is the preferred formatting for text these days, then it is my thinking that needs an edit and not the Website CSS.


haha I see what you're getting at now lol. Totally missed that you were talking about the forums. Hmm, never really paid attention to it, but I am a word nerd so I'm going to assume that I am not having that issue at all. Am typing right now to be sure it's not, and so far the wrap happens at full words not partials. What browser are you using? I'm on Chrome, on a Mac.

Trust me though, this forum does have quite a few little quirks in it, and most of them are in the editor setup such as when you try to edit a post it most of the time will mess up the formatting it had, especially if you were trying to mimic a List or using one etc. You get used to it after a while lol.