Bug in Card Component?

Hello Together

When I insert a card from the components, I can only insert a card with card body. Other types (e.g. Card with Card Header and Card Body, or with Card Body and Card Footer) is not possible. These are displayed under Suggested, but are grayed out and cannot be placed.

Is this a bug, or how can I change the Card component correctly? I would have expected the customization e.g. in the Options tab.

Thank you for reporting this! It’s a known bug that we’ll fix with our upcoming update. Should be out in the next few days.

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You might already have guessed this (because last week I gave you a similar work-around for adding a Caption to the Bootstrap Carousel component), but a temporary work-around for this Card issue is to drag a div into the Card component and give it the “card-header” or “card footer” class via the ATTRIBUTES > Class Names panel.