Bug on Save Button

Windows 10 (x64). When I click on SAVE BUTTON, the Bootstrap Studio screen make blank. Why?

Sorry, all ... It was not "BIG" ... It was BUG... lol.

I understand whats was happened with my BSS. The images were extremely large (pixels and mb), over than 45MB... about 4k pixels. So, I needed to convert all images to 1024px and less than 4MB.

Now, that's all right. TKS all.

lol silly spelling! :P Glad you got it worked out though. I would also suggest you get those images way below 4mb as well. That's still a very very large image to expect your mobile visitors to have to load with their data plans. Most image editors have some sort of image optimizer built in, but if not try googling image optimization apps and you'll find quite a few out there now.

Oh, thanks Jo! You are right! We need remember of smartphones users... TKS A LOT!

Thank you fabiolopes for pointing me here from another forum. Unfortunately, this is not what was happening with me. I optimized all graphics before dragging into Bootstrap Studio. It happened twice yesterday and, fortunately, the second time . . . I had been saving every five seconds having lost an hours worth of CSS coding previously. What I "think" the problem is/was is memory on my part. While I have 16gigs memory, I also have a pretty husky virus checker AND Malwarebytes. The first time, I had two graphics packages open with graphics open in them, a dozen windows in Chrome open going through color scheme options, Outlook to see incoming mail, and OneNote to look at my task list, etc. At least I thought that was it. The second time (after a complete reboot), I only had two windows in Chrome, OneNote, and Bootstrap Studio . . . but I'd just gone through a bunch of recoding the CSS and was saving every five minutes. Maybe memory was it, but maybe not???

Again, thank you for pointing me here.

Hi tamineff ... I really do not know if RAM memories are the problem. I have 16 GB of RAM too and have never seen this kind of bug. I also believe that applications are not an influential factor, since they are simple applications ... not very complex. I still think it has something to do with the images (size or bytes). In the latter case, uninstall the BSS and install again, however, do a thorough cleaning of the BSS. I usually use REVO UNISTALLER (portable). Download it from my OneDrive https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoyBxqb6KEdug9BH2wm8zKVCAOcPVw . It uninstalls and scans your computer for possible waste.

Thank you, Fabio . . . as soon as I get through this all-nighter to meet a deadline and a little sleep afterward, I will try your suggestion!

there is a bug when saving your project! I'm on a windows 10 64x i5 core. other than that so far you did a great job on the software and I love it.

@Eric Strikland: You'll need to be more explicit for the devs if you want something fixed. Tell them what the bug is doing. Just saying there's a bug doesn't help them find anything at all.