Bug report for Navigation Dark Clean

In nav component (Navigation Dark Clean) when I deactivate the selector “Enable Tooltips”, the caption is still shown. To avoid this it’s necessary to delete completly the caption of element (nav item, dropdown etc.) and then deactivate selector.

I don’t think that’s actually a bug. Sounds to me like it’s working as intended really.

The Enable Tooltips option is giving your “tooltips or title” more functionality to be prettier or just more stylish. When you remove those options you should then just see the typical bland tooltip that you would always see without those settings.

I’m not 100% sure on whether this is your case as your post doesn’t say if the tooltip looks the same after turning it off, but I’m going to assume it doesn’t? If you check your Attributes panel you’ll see that the Title is still there as it would be if you added it.

Having said all that, it would be nice if there were another option in the Tooltips options that enabled/disabled the “Title” portion of that feature to make it clearer what’s happening to those that aren’t real good at troubleshooting. (not meaning you or anyone in particulary Georger) :slight_smile: