Bug: SCSS files renamed to partials cannot be "shown"

I have a bunch of SCSS files that had visibility set to not show on any pages. (I was doing it backwards and am correcting this now). So I renamed them all to add the underscore prefix to each of the files, while they were still in “no visibility” status.

Now I have to undo all my changes to the names, because after renaming them the ability to make them visible is not there in the dropdown menu.

Probably need a way around this so we don’t have this happen a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report! The visibility settings don’t apply to partials, which is why the options are not available. But there is indeed a bug, as the app should reset the visibility when you turn a regular file into a partial. We will fix this in our next update.

For now the workaround is to make the files “Show on all pages” before renaming them to SASS partials.