Bug somewhere causes data loss

I’m so angry because I’ve lost 1 week worth of work. There is a bug somewhere in the software that causes the content of pages to be deleted. This issue has happened twice now. Once more, the backups don’t contain the missing content either. I make extensive use of Undo and Redo. could it have something to do with this?

Wow, you seriously need to get some backup habits if you lost a full week of work. Backups are something that is your responsibility. What the app does for backups is just an extra bonus, you should not be relying on them as your main and only backup system.

Undo and Redo are not going to lose you a week’s worth of work either unless you worked on it a week ago and lost just today’s work. Once you close a project you solidify the work and next time you open that project the undo/redo setup starts over. Very unlikely that you lost a week of work doing that.

Having said all that, what version of the app are you running? What operating system and version, what actually happens when you lose the work? Do you see it disappeared or is it just gone when you open the project next? The more detail you can provide, the better someone can help you.

Bootstrap 5.9.3. Windows. Elements on the page go missing. The stuff just disappears. Sorry I cant give more info, since I’m struggling to ascertain the exact set of steps that led to both situations.

We are very sorry that you’ve lost work! If you can provide a test design or reproduction steps it will help us a lot in fixing the problem. We haven’t received reports like this until now.