Bulk edit of multiple selection

It would practical and time saving to be able to bulk edit multiple objects of the same type at once. For example select multiple radio buttons and be able to modify the name or the value of all selected radio buttons at once. It could be simply exposed by displaying only common parameters of selected objects in the right pane.

Try using CSS? That's what it's there for. If you are trying to update multiple things at once for how they are styled, then give them the same CSS classes and update the CSS to update all the buttons. Doing it in the app itself would be extremely impractical and create a whole lot of inline CSS code in the HTML pages. I would definitely prefer not to have that issue at all.

@Jo I would, however, like it if we could select multiple components when applying a class through the Attributes panel. For example, I'd like to be able to select 6 columns at once, type mb-3, and have the class applied to all six columns.

Ok ya, that's a definite good point Printninja, that would save time for sure to apply classes like that.

Well CSS indeed can help bulk modify styles, but if I want to group multiple radio buttons together, they must be given the same name although those would have different IDs. adding "name: " is CSS is refused which I think is simply because "name: " is not a style.

So either we should be able to set "name: " in CSS or we should be able to bulk edit names by selecting multiple objects.

By the way it would be also nice to auto-generate the IDs based on the name as a prefix and auto-generate a unique suffix. Again that is to manage a large number of radio buttons in different groups.

Happy to report that we're working on this for version 5.4. This will make editing attributes, options and classes of multiple components at once much easier.