Bulk Import/Export multiple custom components

Hey guys,

I'm still new with the tool, so if my suggestion is already there without me knowing, don't shoot me. :)

Our company is looking to create a library of our own components. However as I understand at this moment we can only import/export a component one by one. It would be nice if you could export an entire folder of components and that a colleague can then import the entire batch.

Now after we created this library and we want to onboard a new colleague with the tool, he would need quite some time to import all these company components one by one.

For the rest, I see quite some potential in bootstrapstudio to incorperate it in our business.

Kr, Stephan

Any hope on having this implemented?

I think this would deffo help with collaboration with member of a team.

However what you can do right now is store bootstrap studio design files that on git hub, a cloud or shared drive within your company and any new users could simple open them up in BSS and they will be saved for use again. You could even drag in all your components into a single page and then shared the design file which will have all components within.

Obvious downside to this approach is version controlling but it can be done if managed correctly.

If I understand correctly, working with a designed file with all the components in them, you would still need to go component by component right click and add to library each of them. Plus you lose the folder structure.

Currently I'm exporting each component to a git repo. A team member would then have to import it in his/her library and move it to the correct folder he/she wishes. It's quite time consuming.

It would be a lot more easier if in the library you could right click a folder and then export. Then you indeed export multiple components in one (zip?) file keeping the folder structure for later import. Or at least that is how I see it. :)

I haven't tried myself but I wonder if you could zip up mutli component design files and the when your colleague opens zip folder tries to drag all files into BSS (like you would with images)

I'll try when I am home as I'm curious now as well ?

Thanks for starting this thread, @stephancelis! Exporting entire folders of components is a great idea that would be straightforward to implement. We will try to squeeze it in the upcoming 2.6.4 release which should be out this week.

Hey Martin

Thanks a lot to come back on this!

Especially the bulk import would save most of the time. :)

Kr, Stephan Celis

Awesome, I was also wondering on this, but didn't ask about it. Thanks!

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to add this in 2.6.4, but it is in the works for 2.6.5.

Still awesome Martin, something we can look forward to then. Thanks much!

ok thx for the update!