BUY Button Broken on Homepage

Hey there,

I was entertaining the possibility of purchasing your tool, only to find myself unable to proceed with it. Clicking the “Buy Boostrap Studio” button freezes the website apparently. Sleuthing the html/css of the site indicates an overlaying modal view / pop-up apparently opens up but cannot be seen.

Let me know if it’s only me.

I think the website works fine.
I just tested to the point befor paying with Paypal

What do you mean with “freezes”??

You click the Buy-Button an nothing happens??
I had the this as I disables Javascript.
So try to look if Javascript is enabled

Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with this! Do you use an adblocker or another extension that might modify the contents of the page or something else that might interfere with the loading of scripts? A quick way to find out is if you open the page in an incognito window with no extensions.