Can Bootstrap Studio Website utilize AWS Cloudfront?

Hello, everyone!

I am new to Bootstrap Studio, and I can’t express how excited I am to find a platform to quickly create a great-looking website that works with a backend e-commerce platform that is easy to set up and manage.

I have a few questions to begin with,

  • Can I create a bootstrap website within Bootstrap Studio and then move it to AWS S3 Bucket as a “Static Website,” where I want to use AWS Cloudfront while still connecting to “Reflow” as the e-commerce platform for product sales?

  • I have seen the documentation regarding Cloudflare and domains regarding the SSL Certificate, but have you determined a way yet to utilize AWS Route53/ACM SSL Certificates with Bootstrap Studio?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

I’m not familiar with AWS S3 Bucket, but you can absolutely export your static BSS project to a folder on your computer and then upload the contents of the website to a hosting server of your choice using a program like Filezilla or CuteFTP. The SSL would be handled on the server side, not by BSS.

Think of Bootstrap Studio is as a visual substitute for hand-writing the HTML and CSS you would ordinarily need to write manually with a code editor. It just automates the production and organization of all the HTML, CSS, and JS files, and the folder structure for your assets (obviously using the Bootstrap framework.)

Of course, to truly get the most out of BSS, knowing how to write CSS is extremely helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

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@perston3271 Yes I have a site exported from Bootstrap Studio and use Filezilla to upload to S3 bucket and it has a certificate from AWS. It was a few years ago since I have done anything and had email and even text message notification using a node script but I think they went to the 800 number requirement for the messages and it broke that. You will be billed the .50/month minimum. If you transfer a lot you might spend 5 or 10 $ depending on bytes. Also the cache was a issue as it could take up to 10 to 30 minutes to refresh. I used Bootstrap Studio option of cache busting string on assets and that helped and you can do a force refresh but you are only given a certain amount of “free refresh”. No PHP or CPanel so I missed that and never proceeded to finish but if I ever get some free time I may. S3 buckets are good for serving small assets deployments like mp3, pdf, etc that you cannot include in a Bootstrap Studio Project. And you can easily set the cross-origin setting so it can only be url’d to your website. Videos can be uploaded if you run into youtube censorship issues but it requires some extra streaming settings for mobile vs desktop. AWS is known for security, reliability, rock solid stuff and soon more AI will filtering in to everything they do. S3 is the lower tier though so I would consider a spin on a higher tier if the dollars are available and thats what you really need.